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  • The Marconi Company should not be confused with the Marconi Corporation which was created in 1999, by the renaming of The General Electric Company (GEC) less the Marconi Electronic Systems business.

    Up to 1963, the term Marconi Co was often used as shorthand for Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co.

    1963 Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co, a subsidiary of the English Electric Co, was renamed the Marconi Company

    1968 Queen's Award to Industry for Technological Innovation

    1968 English Electric Co was taken over by GEC

    1968 Marconi was incorporated in the new divisions of GEC group.

    1987 Renamed GEC-Marconi.

    1998 Creation of Marconi Electronic Systems Ltd (MES) incorporating the defence electronics and naval shipbuilding businesses of GEC

    1999 MES acquired by British Aerospace (BAe), later becoming part of BAE Systems.

    1999 GEC was renamed Marconi plc, which in turn became Marconi Corporation plc in 2003.

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