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  • KW Electronics of Dartford established by Rowley Shears G8KW who established KW Electronics in the mid 1950s.

    Those Radio Amateurs who joined the hobby in the 1950's or 60's will be familiar with the range of Amateur rigs that KW Electronics produced at the Vanguard Works in Dartford, Kent. During this period KW Electronics was the UK's leading Amateur Radio manufacturer.

    The 1960's saw the widespread adoption of Single Sideband and for many Radio Amateurs their first SSB radio was a KW. Even after the company stopped manufacturing in the 1970's KW equipment remained popular on the second-hand stands at rallies.

    KW Electronics leave a legacy in the form of their rigs such as the KW Vanguard, KW Valiant, KW Viceroy, KW Vespa, and KW 2000 and of course the legendary KW107 SuperMatch - the best ATU - ever.

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