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December 1946 Establishes Kasuga Radio Co., Ltd. (predecessor of Kenwood Corporation) in Komagane, Nagano prefecture.

January 1949 High-frequency transformer passes the NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) approval certificate for the first time in Japan.

January 1950 Renamed Kasuga Radio Industry Corporation.

February 1955 Establishes the Tokyo office in Ota-ku, Tokyo, and begins mass production of audio, communications and measuring equipment.

January 1960 Renamed Trio Electronics, Inc.

September 1962 Launches the industry's first transistor amplifier.

December 1963 Sets up a sales firm in the U.S., and begins full-scale overseas operations.

January 1966 Fully transistorizes audio products for the first time in the industry.

October 1969 Lists on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

February 1978 Begins selling commercial wireless radio equipment in Japan.

June 1979 Sets up the Company's first overseas production firm in Singapore. Starts manufacturing abroad.

June 1980 Enters the car audio field.

December 1980 Launches Corporate Identity activities, and determines Kenwood as the corporate brand.

June 1986 Renamed Kenwood Corporation.

August 1989 Establishes the Yokohama Business Center in Midori-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture (closes the Tokyo office).

March 1991 Begins selling license-free transceivers.

October 1991 Signs an official supply contract with McLaren to provide wireless radio equipment for the F1 world auto-racing championship.

March 1992 Enters the car navigation system field.

July 1995 Mounts amateur radio equipment on Russian space station Mir.

September 1996 Changes the subsidiary name from Trio-Kenwood to Kenwood, coinciding with the Company's 50th anniversary.

June 1997 Becomes Japan's first manufacturer to launch car-mounted DAB receivers.

January 1999 Jointly develops the world's first mobile digital broadcast receiving system.

February 2002 Develops a network interface module (NIM) for digital broadcasts via a communications satellite (CS).

May 2002 Sells shares in Kenwood TMI Corporation (withdraws from the test and measuring equipment business).

June 2002 Relocates the head office to Hachioji, Tokyo.

May 2003 Posts a record net income in the fiscal year through March 2003.

May 2004 Posts a record net income for the second consecutive year in the fiscal year through March 2004.

March 2005 Forms a technical and capital alliance with Icom Inc. to jointly research the standardisation of technical specifications for digital wireless radio equipment.

March 2005 Kenwood Nagano Corp. acquires certification to "ISO/TS 16949," the international standard for quality management specific to the automotive industry.

February 2006 Releases self development AV integrated car navigation system for the first time in the Company.

April 2006 Shanghai and Malaysia factories receive ISO/TS16949: 2002 certification for automotive quality management system.

April 2007 Kenwood announces 144/430 (440) MHz FM Dual bander TM-V71 series, compatible with EchoLink(R) radio VoIP system, enabling communications with all amateur radio operators around the world.

April 2007 Kenwood won the first trial of lawsuit against manufacturers of imitation products for infringement of trademark and design right in China.

May 2007 Announcement of completion of acquisition of the US systems-based communication company Zetron Inc.

July 2007 Kenwood announces 144/430 (440)MHz FM dual bander TM-D710 series, equipped with “APRS®” data communication system capable of exchanging positional information, messages and operating frequency, enabling multi communication with all amateur radio operators around the world.

August 2007 Invested 20.0 billion yen and formed a strategic business alliance with Victor Company of Japan, Limited.

October 2008 Notice of establishment of JVC Kenwood Holdings Inc.

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