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1932 Company founded by Gilbert Darnley-Smith, who later became MD and deputy chairman. Partly owned by Gaumont British. Said to be based on the Amplion horn loudspeakers business. The brand name comes from their location in Woodger Road, Shepherd's Bush, London.
1936 Three types of televisor receiving sets (models T5, T6 and T7) made for Baird Television Factory moved to Power Road, Chiswick. shown at the Wireless Exhibition at Olympia. 
1938 Gaumont British Picture Corporation general meeting told that the associated company Bush Radio had contributed new and substantial income.
1940 Advert: the 'Bush Button' radio 'All-wave Model P.B.63 with Triode output' and a console version of the same known as the S.U.G.64.
1945 Bush Radio merged with Cinema-Television] Ltd, a subsidiary of the Gaumont British Picture Corporation part of J. Arthur Rank's Odeon Theatres Ltd.
1948 Bush Radio production expanded with new Plymouth factory was MD.
1949 G. Darnley-Smith.
1953 Manufacturer of TV sets which is part of the Rank Organisation .
1954 Advert for radio on this page1956.. Shown as a wholly owned subsidiary of Cinema-Television.
1959 The Bush TR82 transistor radio, designed by Ogle Design, was regarded as an icon of early transistor radio design. The first radio to use the Ogle cabinet design was the MB60, a battery/mains valve set from 1957-59.
1961 Manufacturers of radio and television sets and equipment. 3,000 employees by Rank
1962 Bush Radio was merged with the newly acquired Murphy Radio.
1963 Bush units were still being produced at Plymouth.
1980s the Bush name disappeared from the British market during the 1980s.

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