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CV3526,  MULLARD, NEW, 6BN5, CV3526, N155, EL85
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CV3526, MULLARD, NEW, 6BN5, CV3526, N155, EL85

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CV3526,  MULLARD, NEW, 6BN5, CV3526, N155, EL85


Mullard Ltd. announce the availability of the EL85 AF and RF Output Pentode. This is a noval-based (B9A) valve intended for AC mains operation. The heater rating is 6.3V, 0.2A, which is low in view of the maximum cathode current rating of 35mA. The EL85, which has an anode dissipation of 6 Watts, may be used as an AF output valve or as an RF amplifier up to 120 Mc/s (MHz). As a Class A audio amplifier it gives an output of 2.8 Watts when operated with an HT supply of 225 V and an anode current of 26 mA. As an RF amplifier, it will deliver 2 Watts at 100 Mc/s.
The EL85 should be of great use for equipments requiring moderate power out-put and where low LT drain is important. It is particularly suitable for mobile transmitters and receivers, where it may be used as a driver, modulator, or audio output valve.

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