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MULLBAY at Radiorelix: The Mullard Magic Online Auction


There is now a new way to buy the Mullard Magic products you know and love.  We have had quite a few customers jokingly say that Mullard Magic is like you know who (EBAY) – only better, which made us titter.

So in response to this praise,  we have started our own online Internet auction site which we have called “Mullbay.”   This is available on our brand new sister website, Radiorelix, which will link from both Mullard Magic and Mullard Antiques. Clicking on the link will take you out of the Mullard shops and to Radiorelix where you will find 'Mullbay.'

Customers are able to place bids on products over the internet –  just like other well known auction sites.  The auctions will be live for a short period of time varying from just a few hours to a week. There is also a “buy it now’ button.   Any one can bid – no need to register or put in your credit card details, no complex 86 character passwords either.  All payments will be taken via PayPal. 

But…. please don’t expect the functionality of the larger online internet auction sites; even they had to start somewhere!  

The auction mainly sells products which are not currently available in either of the Mullard Magic or Mullard Antiques shops. This will be a different sort of buying experience for both new and, our much valued, existing customers, and will enable us to showcase some of our other products.

Click on the following link to take you to your new buying experience!


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