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AUDIO VALVES: ECC81, 12AT7, A2900, B152, B309, B739, CV455, CV4024, CV6091, E2157, E811CC, ECC801S, 6060, 6201, TWIN TRIODE

The Mullard ECC81 was designed for RF use and is of medium impedance.   It was used as a frequency changer in five station television sets. The ECC81 also makes an excellent phase splitter in modern audio applications too.
Indeed, almost all guitar amplfiers ever made use the ECC81 as the phase splitter - they make a Fender sound, well....... wonderful.  Many players swear by the use of the ECC81 in the Marshall driver stage which gives a sumptuous bright and smooth tone.

Construction comprises of a glass envelope approximately 20 mm in diameter and excluding B9A button base pins the height is approximately 47 mm.

Used also in some stunning classic valve audio amplifiers – the Michaelson-Austin TVA-1 for one, some Leak for another as well as an ubiquitous component in nearly every guitar amplifier ever made, here is a list of some more recent exotica where the ECC81 does duty:-

ART Pro VLA Compressor
Art Pro VLA II
Atma-Spere Preamplifier MP-1 Mk. III
Audio Experience Balanced A2
Audio Experience BALANCED A2 SE preamp
Berning ZH270 amp
Berning Quadrature Z amp
Earmax Anniversary
Earmax Silver Edition
Ensemble Evocco Integrated amp 1998
Fender Bandmaster 1967
Fender 100 Watt Twin Reverb 1982
Fender Concert (II) 1983
Fender reverb tube
Fender Super Reverb - Super Reverb Phase Inverter position V6
JC Morrison custom phono
Jolida 302
Juicy Music Tercel II phono pre-amp
Kora integrated amp
Lector CDP 0.6T
Manley Reference Cardioid mic
Manley Snapper
Marshall Electronics MXLV69 Mogami Edition Studio Microphone
MXL V69 large diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone
Presonus ADL 600 mic pre
Two Rock
Victoria Regal
VTL Tiny Triode amp
WAVAC 805 SE amp