2SC1945 NPN RF Transistor MITSUBISHI
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2SC1945 NPN RF Transistor MITSUBISHI

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The 2SC1945 transistor was discontinued by Mitsubishi in 2003 and like so many devices of this type is now highly counterfeited, many of these Fakes and also refurbished parts (used pulls) are widely available on the market and can be purchased at cheap prices but many are of poor quality and in most cases do not even work - you have been warned!


2SC1945 NPN RF Transistor MITSUBISHI

Condition,  Brand new

Package,  T-30 = TO-220,  FIN = EMITTER  (common emitter)

Type,  NPN - EPITAXIAL PLANAR - SILICON,  RoHS compliant = Pb free.

Vcc,  13.8v

Ic,  > 6a peak

Gain/Gpe,   >14.5db

Max pwr' out,   16 watts typical (13.8V @ 27 Mhz)

Freq' range  > 30 Mhz  HF

Application,  Especially suited for use in class A/B power amplifiers in HF band etc.

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