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 On offer today we have a Marconi U70 / 6X5GT rectifier. This device is new boxed stock from the 1960s and has markings in white  ink. The valve shows 100% emission and has a fat black low loss micanol base tight to the envelope with bright uncorroded pins - a very nice valve indeed!.

The EZ35 is a standard HT rectifier for low power AC mains driven equipment. The output of a centre tapped transformer would be applied to the anodes, the rating given is 325-0-325, the common cathode would be the output for the rectified voltage. 

An effective series resistance of 350 Ohms was required to limit surges and the reservoir capacitor had to be restricted to 16 µF.   The wide glass tube envelope is approximately 30 mm in diameter and, excluding the IO base pins, is 77 mm tin height. Type EZ35 was first introduced in 1946.  Today, the 6X5 finds use in many hifi pre-amplifiers.


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